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The 9th Ward Improv Opera Kickstarter Video from Creative Alliance of New Orleans on Vimeo.


Creative Alliance of New Orleans launches Kickstarter campaign to fund evocative full production of its “9th Ward Improv Opera”

NEW ORLEANS, LA – The Creative Alliance of New Orleans (CANO) is launching a crowd-funded Kickstarter campaign in hopes of funding and presenting a full production of its poignant “9th Ward Improv Opera” this August upon the 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina at the St. Maurice Church in the Lower 9th Ward. The community campaign begins Monday, July 20th, and will run through Friday, August 14th, with a final goal of $8,000 that would contribute to the pre-production, community and creative organization, sets, costumes, environment, and talent necessary to complete CANO’s bold vision for the show. Every contribution of $5 or more garners a reward; which include posters, show tickets, Mignon Faget jewelry, and unique local works of art by noted artists such as Gina Phillips, Bruce Davenport, and Robert Tannen for the earliest supporters. The Kickstarter page can be accessed here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cano/the-9th-ward-improv-opera

Initially debuted in January of this year as a public rehearsal, the first iteration of the 9th Ward Improv Opera brought together community members, local residents, and artists in a shared, spontaneous expression of struggle and strength through spoken word, music, vocals, and movement. This creative endeavor is designed to allow the local community to hold the story, so close to their hearts, in their own hands. CANO hopes to expand and enrich its Improv Opera into a fuller production — complete with augmented sets, enriched costumes, and passionate artists — to be presented August 27th & 28th, in memory of the 2005 Hurricane that so rocked the residents of the 9th Ward. Local residents and community members are incorporated into the show, invited to stand up and share their experiences while artists enliven their voices with improvised music and dance. 9th Ward residents tell of losing everything, leaving home, struggling to survive, and finally picking back up and returning. This is a story of coming home, of rising up, and of pushing against the tide. It is a story that desperately needs to be told, by the people who have fought so tirelessly for the right to tell it. The 9th Ward Opera recognizes, validates, and reinvigorates this struggle, celebrating its tenacity and encouraging the 9th Ward to keep on going. In presenting this show, we tip our hats in admiration and offer our hands in solidarity/support.

Ten years after the storm, CANO’s Opera offers not only a space for remembrance and reflection, but also a space for active dialogue, interaction, and empowerment. CANO is asking for the help  to finance these new presentations of this community-driven endeavour and bring its powerful story to new life.

To follow the project, make sure to check in on CANO’s kickstarter page for updates: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/cano/the-9th-ward-improv-opera

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/creative.alliance.new.orleans

Twitter: @canonola

Instagram: @creativealliancenola

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