Breakthrough Coalition

Breakthrough Coalition


Our Breakthrough Coalition began auspiciously with CANO’s Creative Industries Day forums held during the New Orleans Entrepreneur Week hosted by Idea Village. We have invited successful leaders in many different sectors of the city to come together in a unified campaign to seek a more stable and robust source of dedicated annual funding for the creative arts and industries in New Orleans.

While fifty out of the top hundred American cities have secured dedicated funding for the arts from $10 – 70 million, New Orleans, long considered a fountainhead of 20th-century culture, has just $250,000 it can distribute annually to working artists and organizations in the city. In 2015, CANO hosted the first of a series of “round table” discussions and working groups to collaborate in the development of a strategy and campaign to secure a dramatic increase in public and private funding for the artists and arts organizations and companies of the city. CANO was able to attract major leaders from many disciplines and sectors to commit to this initiative after several years of building relationships with other activists and organizations.


Past Events

Creative Industries Day/Downtown NOLA Arts-Based Business Pitch

Creative Industries Day at Idea Village’s New Orleans Entrepreneur Week 2014 was, by all accounts, a great success. For those of you unable to attend, we are pleased to offer two videos on the luncheon talk and the panels below. Thanks to William Sabourin for shooting and editing them for us


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