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Creative Spaces

CANO today supports and presents the work of creative artists in underserved communities. Our Creative Space at Alembic Community Development’s Myrtle Banks Building, includes a 2,000 square foot gallery space where we have exhibited works that honor the history and achievements of the Central City community with works by emerging and under-recognized artists. Crevasse 22 and the River House are respectively a new sculpture garden and museum in Poydras, Louisiana, sponsored by the Torres I Burns Trust — the first arts venue in St. Bernard — where the works of regional artists address environmental and community issues. Attorney Blake Jones invites us to use the vacant St. Maurice Church in the Lower 9th Ward where we have hosted performances by Airlift, and presented our own “9th Ward Improv Opera”, showcasing the talents of regional spoken word, jazz and dance artists and resident voices. We are now working on a video production based on this work.


The Spirit of the People of St. Bernard: Portraits and Videos

The new exhibition, “The Spirit of the People of St. Bernard: Portraits and Videos” will celebrate the people of St. Bernard, including the “Islenos,” who trace their lineage back to the original settlers from the Canary Islands, to people who currently live off the land, farming, hunting, and fishing; working in the energy industries; or who help shape the public and private sectors of the Parish


Current/Upcoming Events

Past Events

Downriver Art Home Tour and Sale from Holy Cross to Poydras, LA

The “Downriver Art Home Tour and Sale,” just weeks before Christmas, included local artworks for sale. Close to a dozen sites on the tour included artists’ studios, homes with art collections, galleries, and the River House | Crevasse 22 located at a bucolic site adjacent to the levee of the Mississippi River in Poydras,


A Day in the Country at the River House | Crevasse 22

  In Poydras, Louisiana Visitors are invited to bring easels, paints, or drawing pads, friends and family, and their stories to the beautiful site of the River House I Crevasse 22 on Saturday, November 7th, from 11am – 4pm. The Creative Alliance of New Orleans and the Torres I Burns Trust are hosting a mellow Read More


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The exhibition, “LAND-SCAPES: Photography | Drawings | Paintings,” included works by Errol Baron, Ron Bechet, Henry Butler, Sandra Russell Clark, Tina Freeman, Gabrielle Gaspard, Gary Cecchine, Jillian Gibson, William Guion, Simon Gunning, Diego Larguia, Robert MacDonald, Robert Perrin, Sandra Buring Pulitzer, Rudolf Karl Radlinger, Richard Sexton, Michel Varisco, and Jane Randolph Wipple; all artists who live and work in New Orleans. Jane Wipple is deceased


Crevasse 22 Opening Brunch – 10.26.14

A photo gallery of the Crevasse 22 Opening Brunch


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Crevasse 22 is an ongoing outdoor sculpture exhibition staged at the sight of a devastating crevasse, a massive breach in the levee on the Mississippi River which flooded much of St. Bernard Parish, just below the city of New Orleans. Presently works by Elizabeth Shannon, Serge Loncar, Erica Larkin-Gaudet, Gene Koss, Christopher Saucedo, Luis Colmenares, Susan Gisleson, Mitchell Gaudet, and Robert Tannen recall the destruction and misguided public policies that continue today to jeopardize the threatened low lying lands and marshes of the region


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